I wanted to take a moment to discuss the difference between standard and itemized deductions and the impact they may have on your taxes.

Standard deductions are fixed amounts set by the government that you can subtract from your taxable income. This reduces the amount of income that the government will tax. The standard deduction amount varies depending on your filing status (single, married filing jointly, etc.). For the 2022 tax year, the standard deduction amounts are:

  • Single or married filing separately: $12,950
  • Married filing jointly: $25,900
  • Head of Household: $19,400

‚ÄčItemized deductions, on the other hand, are a list of specific expenses that you can deduct from your taxable income. These expenses include things like mortgage interest, state and local taxes, medical expenses, and charitable contributions. To claim itemized deductions, you will need to itemize all eligible expenses on Schedule A of your tax return.

The key to deciding whether to take the standard deduction or itemize your deductions is to determine which option will result in the lower taxable income. For many taxpayers, the standard deduction is the easier and more straightforward option, as you do not need to keep detailed records of expenses. However, if your itemized deductions are greater than the standard deduction amount, it may be worth the extra effort to itemize your deductions.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am here to help.

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